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Yvette Dede 


My art making experience has ranged from working with stained glass, glass blowing, glass casting, to mixed media sculptures, and collaborative outdoor installations.  At the core of my artistic practice is drawing.  My process may involve an intuitive, poetic expression of mark-making on a template, such as the Egg Meditation series, or it may involve drawing from direct observation as expressed in the Oyster Shells and Mr. Potato Head drawings.  I find drawing textures, especially from natural forms, an exciting discovery.  There is an obsessive pursuit in subjects that I connect with that can lead to abstraction of the of the subject. I aspire in my drawing to search, to explore, and to stretch beyond the perceived limits of my capability.

Metropolitan Museum of Art 2022

Pod 2 WEB.jpeg


The search for identity is a common theme  in my drawings as portrayed in the charcoal pencil drawings of Mr. Potato Head, and how the depiction of everyday objects, Objects Extraordinaire, may reveal our passion and interests. The dressmaker form sculptures as seen in the Torso series is centered in gender identity, while charcoal drawings Hands, represents a non-specific universal identity to portray gestures and the tension between self and outside forces. 


Teaching is a worthy and meaningful endeavor.  I strive to encourage students to examine what is meaningful to them for the forming of visual ideas.  If a student is motivated from a strong inner intention, the artwork's end result will most likely resonate that power. 

Photo by Laura Moses, College of Charleston banner

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