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Oyster Shells 

Oyster shells are a remarkable work of nature.  A cluster-formed shell found in South Carolina is a sculptural wonder. Craggily lines soften to smoother planes shaped by the ebb and flow of tides.  Sun-bleached shells are vestiges of an oyster community.  I am fascinated by the variety of types, sizes, and stratus lines of shells.  The differences of coloration and texture of exterior shell to interior bowl are an exciting discovery.  Not only are shells interesting to observe and to draw, they’re an asset to sustaining the environment.  Recycled oyster shells fortify eroding coastlines, add calcium nutrients to the soil when crushed, and provide habitats for over 100 species.  Oysters are a part of our cultural identity.  The shells inspire us with their unique beauty and enrich our lives with their beneficial qualities.

Oyster Shells Nupastels

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